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Santander is starting to be recognized for its high-quality gastronomy: great professionals and local quality ingredients are its main pillars.
Moreover, there are excellent gastronomic possibilities in Santander and nearby, in unique locations and with very reasonable prices.

The mountain stew “Cocido montañés” is one of the most important traditional dishes in Cantabrian cuisine.

“Sobaos” and “Quesada” from the Pasiegos Valleys are one of the typical desserts from Cantabria.

Anchovies from Cantabria are famous for their great taste. You cannot return from Cantabria without tasting a dish with anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea.

Cantabria might not be the first region you think of when you think of Spanish cuisine but within Spain, it’s becoming very fashionable to cook with Cantabrian ingredients and many of the local chefs have opened sister restaurants in Madrid to cater for the increase in popularity.The natural environment and still great tradition of small farms make of Cantabria a region of high-quality of food ingredients. It’s particularly known for its excellent seafood dishes, such as fish stews, or for its cheeses (it is not surprising that Cantabrian cheeses are among the best in the world). Wild boar and deer also feature heavily, as does pork. It is also worthwhile also pointing out the high influence from the neighboring Basque region, that has made of "pintxos" a typical dish of the Cantabrian cuisine. 


In fact, Cantabria pushes the better-known seaside towns all the way. Santander as the capital of the region and as it has an active fishing port, has absolutely wonderful seafood, as evidenced by the menu del dia, a cheap three-course lunch that varies depending on the seasonal availability of food. So one day it could be patatas bravas with "pulpo gallego" (fried octopus in garlic) or sardines, the next, massive stews featuring white beans, pork and the ubiquitous (but delicious) spicy sausage, chorizo.


Indeed, the city of Santander is rich in gastronomy establishments hosting more than two hundreds of restaurants and cafés. Choosing the best place to eat and rest in Santander is rather challenging. One of the most prestigious eating houses of the resort city is the Michelin starred restaurant "El Serbal". Among specialties of the house beef carpaccio and signature pudding cooked following secret chef’s recipe are best worth trying.


A part of the great Cantabrian gastronomy, wines, and marcs are also gaining popularity. White wines from Muriedas or red Wines from Liébana are very appreciated as the Marc from Liébana, made by hand and distilled drop by drop.

This is the only Michelin starred restaurant in Santander. Despite the rich menu and vast selection of delicacies, the prices in the menu are kept at a reasonable rate. A rich dinner of three courses will cost about 75 Euro.

☎ (+ 34) 942 22 25 15 


Calle Andrés del Río, 7, 39004 Santander

El Serbal

☎ (+ 34) 942 07 57 41


Calle Vargas, 33 - 39010 Santander

La Vinoteca

This is the best restaurant in Santander according to Trip Advisor. It has a great quality and selection of dishes at reasonable prices. The place itself is also very nice.

☎ (+ 34) 942 342 726

Calle Repuente, 20 - 39012, Santander

Casona del Judío Restaurante

This is the best restaurant is the most recommended in the Repsol Gastronomy Guide with two "soles" (suns). It offers a daily gastronomical experience menu for only €39.00 /person without drinks. A great deal!

Cañadío Restaurante

☎ (+ 34) 942 314 149

Calle Gómez Oreña, 15 - 39003, Santander

This restaurant has been granted with two "soles" in the Repsol Gastronomy  Guide. This fashionable restaurant has also another branch in Madrid. One of the most well-known dishes of Cañadío are its "pinchitos" (€ 2.00 /unit).



El Cenador de Amós 

in Villaverde de Pontones 

(Two Michelin Stars)

El Nuevo Molino

in Puente Arce

(One Michelin Star)


in San Vicente de la Barquera

(Two Michelin Stars)



in Ampuero

(One Michelin Star)

El Serbal

in Santander

(One Michelin Star)

La Bicicleta

in Hoyazno

(One Michelin Star)

Querida Margarita

☎ (+ 34) 630 34 17 43


Calle Andrés del Río, 7- 39004 Santander

This is one of the best bistro restaurants in Santander. Excellent  menu at a cheap price (€ 18,00 /person). In fact this can be considered "the small sister" of El SErbal, as it belongs to the same property.

La Bombi

☎ (+ 34) 942 21 30 28

C/ Casimiro Sáinz, 15- 
39003 (Puerto Chico), Santander

This is a restaurant of a great tradition, founded in 1935. Tapas, fish and meat are its specialties. All in a traditional ambiance surrounded by its stone-walls.


Cantabrian food in your house...

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