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Stand up Paddle Santander

Fly board


  • DURATION: 30 Minutes

  • PRICE:  € 65,00 / session for one person

  • You must wear a swimsuit and take a towel.

  • The organization provides you with the neoprene, a vest, and a helmet.

  • The flights are made from the base located in the parking of “Los Peligros Beach” in Santander.

  • You will fly with professionals ... the monitors are trained and approved by FlyBoard International.


Enjoy a great time and an unforgettable experience doing FLYBOARD!... This is the latest innovation in nautical sports!

The FlyBoard basically consists of a board connected to a water bike by means of a thick hose.


The water that passes through the turbine of the motorcycle is driven at great pressure to the FlyBoard where two elbows produce two jets downwards providing the necessary propulsion for its handling.


It does not require strength or physical condition, but a little balance and, above all, be comfortable playing in the water.


The height of flight is controlled all the time by the monitor on the jet ski.

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