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2-Playa de la Magdalena 

ACCESS: in Reina Victoria avenue you must go directo to the Magdalena Palace. From the cross turn right and walk about 150m until you arrive at the beach.

This is a lovely beach with great views towards Santander and the Palace of “La Magdalena”. It is the third largest beach in Santander, with a lenght of 350 m beach and it offers a great variety of services (even has a green area with a park and ideal for strolling).

In fact, due to its proximity to urban Santander means that hotels are easily available and the beach is directly accessible by car or by bus.

In front of this beach you can also see the islands of “La Torre” (the tower) and “La Horadada”. La Magdalena beach is also protected by the bay and hence, its watters are very calm. Due to all these Characteristics, this is a very popular beach for families with kids.

However, please note that although its calm waters ideal for swimming, the seabed has sharp rocks with jagged edges, so swimming during low tides is not advisable.



LENGHT             350m                     WIDTH                  30m

WAVES              moderate               NUDIST                 no

SAND                golden                   ROCKS                  yes

LIFEGUARD         yes                       WATER SPORTS       yes

TOILETS             yes                       SHOWERS              yes

PARKING            yes                       DISABLED ACCESS   yes

RESTAURANTS     no                        CAMPING               no

KIOSK                no                        OCCUPATION          high

TYPE                  urban                    BUS STOP             yes

ACCESS              easy                        


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