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3- Bikinis Beach

"Playa de los Bikinis" is a 250m calm beach on the grounds of the Magdalena Palace.

The Bikinis beach became famous for being the first beach in Santander where university students wore a bikini on the beach. These were foreign students from the Summer University of Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) and meant all a revolution in the traditional santander’s society.

It has a great playground and a large slide down onto the beach plus a handy cafe in the UIMP buildings. Views of the mountain ranges on the other side of the bay are just amazing.

ACCESS: is crossing La Magdalena Palace.



LENGHT            250m                  WIDTH                 30m

WAVES             moderate            NUDIST                 no

SAND               golden                ROCKS                  no

LIFEGUARD        yes                    WATER SPORTS      yes

TOILETS            no                     SHOWERS              no

PARKING           yes                    DISABLED ACCESS   yes

RESTAURANTS    no                     CAMPING               no

KIOSK               no                     OCCUPATION          high

TYPE                 urban                BUS STOP               no

ACCESS             easy but some walking is needed                      


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