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6 - Sardinero Beach

Sardinero beach is divided in two beaches by the gardens of Piquio about one-quarter the way along its length. Together they sum up 4,300 feet (1,300 meters) long and 260 feet (80 meters) deep and form by far the longest beach in Santander. This magnificent beach features fine golden sand and moderate waves and it is bordered by a wide promenade running its entire length. This part of the city is also called  “Sardinero” and is the touristic centre of Santander, with hotels, restaurants, and the Grand Casino.

The origin of the “First” and the “Second” beach of El Sardinero must be sought in the late nineteenth century, with fashion eminently bourgeois wave baths. The “first” beach was basically frequented by the bourgeois while the “second” was frequented by the working-class.

First Sardinero Beach

This is the part of the beach next to La Concha (the Shell) and the closest to the Magdalena Palace. Next to it we can find many hotels, some very relevant like the Hotel Sardinero. Other emblematic building next to the beach is the Grand Casino which mimics the Monte Carlo. It is currently a very popular beach due to its extension, proximity to the hotel area and services (this beach even has an elevator to grant access to the beach for disabled people).

ACCESS: you can Access it very easily from the Castañeda Avenue.

Second Sardinero Beach

This is the largest beach in Santander and also located next to some hotels. This beach offers all type of services (facilities including toilets, showers, chairs, parasols and a park for children).


Next to the Second beach, you can also find a very large parking, however, it remains a difficult task to park there in high season due to its high popularity.

ACCESS: you can Access it very easily from the promenade walking downstairs.



LENGHT           1300m               WIDTH                 80m

WAVES            moderate           NUDIST                no

SAND              golden               ROCKS                  no

LIFEGUARD       yes                   WATER SPORTS      yes

TOILETS           yes                   SHOWERS              yes

PARKING          yes                   DISABLED ACCESS   yes

RESTAURANTS   yes                   CAMPING               no

KIOSK               no                   OCCUPATION          high

TYPE                urban                BUS STOP              yes

ACCESS            easy                        


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