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4-Playa del Camello (the Camel Beach)

The Camel Beach is one of the symbols of Santander city. It receives its original name from the rock formations that surround it. When the tide goes out, these rocks show the figure of a camel in the middle of the sea.

This is a nice beach of golden sand, moderate waves and with the Blue Flag. It also enjoys lovely views of the Peninsula de la Magdalena to the right.

It is a very popular beach due to its proximity to the touristic area and good services.

ACCESS: It is located parallel to the Reina Victoria Avenue and across La Magdalena Avenue, between the beaches of El Sardinero and La Magdalena Peninsula. It is located well below the level of the boardwalk that surrounds it, so it is necessary to go down stairs and / or ramps to access it.


LENGHT             200m                 WIDTH                  50m

WAVES               moderate           NUDIST                 no

SAND                 golden               ROCKS                  yes

LIFEGUARD          yes                   WATER SPORTS       no

TOILETS              yes                   SHOWERS              yes

PARKING             yes                   DISABLED ACCESS    yes

RESTAURANTS      no                   CAMPING                no

KIOSK                 yes                   OCCUPATION           high

TYPE                   urban                BUS STOP              yes

ACCESS               easy                        

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