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9-Playa de la Virgen del Mar (Beach of the Virgin of the sea )

This is also a beautiful sandy beach with small coves where you will definitively enjoy sun and peace.


It is located in a privileged position and just a few km from the city (10 km from Puerto Chico). A nearby island with an small chapel shares its name with this beach. To reach the chapel the hermitage one must cross a small bridge.


This beach is also a popular meeting point among scuba-divers that come to enjoy its beautiful seabed. Due to its calm waters, Playa la Virgen del Mar is also a very frequented by families with kids.

ACCESS: this beach is located at 10 km form city center. You have to go towards the island of "La Virgen del Mar" and you will find the beach as you arrive on the right side.


LENGHT             400 m           WIDTH                 40m

WAVES               calm             NUDIST                no

SAND                 golden          ROCKS                 yes

LIFEGUARD          yes              WATER SPORTS      yes

TOILETS              yes              SHOWERS             yes

PARKING             yes              DISABLED ACCESS   no

RESTAURANTS     yes               CAMPING              yes

KIOSK                 yes              OCCUPATION    average

TYPE                   isolated        BUS STOP             yes

ACCESS               easy                        

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