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The bay of Santander is considered to be one of the nicest bays in the world. If you like rowing, this is an experience you can not miss it.

The rowing activity is done by "Santander in Boga", a local company with a solid experience in leading rowing teams for leisure.


Row in a "Barquía"



A "barquíla" is a rowboat of 4 or 4.50 m. of length, typical from the bay of Santander.


Barquilla can be also used as sailing or motorboat.


This is a wonderful proposal to discover how beautiful is the city and its bay from the sea. Previous experience is not needed.



DURATION:  3 hours

Price: 99,00 €/person   (for the first 2 people)

Price: 69,00 €/person (as from the 3rd person)

Minimum 2 people- Max. 4 people


(+ 34) 942 87 35 29 - (+34)68318 88 58

Row in a Trainera

(+ 34) 942 87 35 29 - (+34)68318 88 58



“Trainera” is the typical rowing boat of Cantabria.  It is a rowing boat but some of them are sailing boat as well. It was originally used for fishing, mainly whaling, but nowadays and with modifications of lightning, it is used for leisure and rowing regattas.


This is a great activity for groups of at least 6 people. It is desirable that you have previous experience. If you do not have rowing notions, you will have to do a short initial training (in the company's facilities there is a fixed pool for rowing practice).


DURATION:  3-4 hours

Price: 57,00 €/person   (for the first 6 people)

Price: 49,00 €/person (as from the 7th person)


Minimum 6 people- Max. 12 people



"Row in a trainera" is definitively the most genuine activity to practice in Santander...

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