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Stand up Paddle Santander

Paddle Surf


Santander city from the sea


PRICE: 30€ /person

To El Puntal Beach


PRICE: 30€ /person

Isla de La Torre and
Embarcadero Real 

DURATION 1,15h. PRICE 20€/person

Estuary of the Cubas River


PRICE: 35€ /person

Sign up for a guided SUP tour in Santander and explore the beautiful surroundings of its bay.

You will have fun visiting these places while you meet with other people that practice the same activity. You can complement your excursion, snorkeling and explore 
the precious sea beds that surround us.

There are different routes to can do with us from our base located in the car parking of the beach of Los Peligros.

Do you want to know other places? There are other possible routes to do in the surroundings nearby Santander. If you are a group of at least 4 people, we can see other routes do you with you.


Excursions are guided by certified instructors from IOSUP and ENEP, to ensure a safe journey. Material included: Table with invention, paddle, vest, neoprene and necessary insurance.


Optional, but included in the price: snorkel equipment (goggles, tube, and fins).


To carry out any of these routes in SUP, it is necessary to have done an initiation course or to demonstrate enough experience to face the distances that are proposed. If the introductory course is done with Stand up Paddle Santander you will enjoy € 5 discount off the price

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