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7- El Puntal Beach

ACCESS: There is a boat shuttle that takes you to this Paradise (from the Palacete del Embarcadero just across from the Bank of Santander arch and the tourist information office). It only costs a few euros for a return ticket.

El Puntal Beach is a 4.5 km sand barrier in front of Santander.

This beach has beautiful golden dunes, clear water and stunning views (the Palace of La Magdalena, two lighthouses, the city of Santander, several islands and lots of large and small boats coming and going). All these characteristics make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.


This gem of a beach is well worth a day of your travel itinerary.... You even have 2 sides, one is the sea and the other one is on a tidal river which goes into the inner part of the bay framed by the mountains and in a clear day even by the Picos de Europa.

Some parts of the beach are pretty crowded (especially next to the “chiringuitos”) in summer, however, this beach is large enough for you to find the right isolated place for sunbathing, practicing nudism, swimming, walking ..... and enjoying the view.........Just marvelous !!!



LENGHT             4,5 km                   WIDTH                 120m

WAVES               moderate              NUDIST                yes

SAND                 golden                  ROCKS                 no

LIFEGUARD          yes                      WATER SPORTS      no

TOILETS              no                       SHOWERS              no

PARKING             no                       DISABLED ACCESS   no

RESTAURANTS     no                       CAMPING         no

KIOSK                yes                      OCCUPATION    average

TYPE                  urban                   BUS STOP        no

ACCESS              easy                        

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